Friends Gallery

  • Butterfly by Betty Causey

    Betty Causey


  • by Hetty Sanders of Holland

    Hetty Sanders


  • by Leonie Fennis of Holland

    Leonie Fennis


  • by Leonie Fennis of Holland

    Leonie Fennis


  • Nancy's Necklace by Nancy

    Nancy's Necklace


  • Leaf Card

    Leaf Card


  • Annette's Fish-Seastar Card

    Annette's Card


  • Andrea's Jungle Flower Card


    Jungle Flower

  • Ron Perry's Thank You Card

    Ron Perry


  • Birgit Edblom's Flower Box

    Birgit Edblom


  • LeighAnn's Flowers

    LeighAnn's Flowers


  • Melissa's Candle Holder


    Candle Holder

  • Hetty's Snowman Calendar Card

    Hetty Sanders

    Snowman Calendar Card

  • Joan's Wedding Decoration

    Joan Warren

    Wedding Decoration

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